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Are you a hemp or CBD merchant or starting a CBD business?

You need a CBD payment processor who understands the dynamic and ultra-competitive nature of your industry. From compliance to legality across the states, rates and fees, and the high-risk nature of your products, we’ve got your needs covered.

Allegiance Service offers robust and efficient payment solutions tailored to meet the needs of retail and e-commerce CBD businesses. With a focus on compliance, security, stability, and customer satisfaction, Allegiance Service leads the way in CBD and Cannabis payment processing.

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With a wealth of experience in high-risk payment processing and handling stringent regulations placed on CBD, Allegiance Service understands the disruptive and evolving landscape that CBD businesses face.

Payment processing plays a vital role, contributing to the thriving hemp and cannabis market. In this rapidly evolving industry, you encounter unique challenges when it comes to managing financial transactions. From finding compliant merchant services to overcoming the high-risk category your products fall under, hemp and cannabis businesses face various hurdles.

Read on to learn more about hemp and CBD regulations, business requirements, and steps to take to secure a CBD merchant account for a reliable payment solution.

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Give us a call if you have questions about hemp products and CBD payment processing for CBD, delta-8, delta-9, and other hemp alternative cannabinoids. Allegiance Service would love to help you find answers and solutions!



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Cannabis Payment Processing in a Dispensary

Integrity, Compliance, and Stability


  • CBD merchants need specialized high-risk merchant accounts to process CBD payments due to legal complexity and high fraud risks. 
  • CBD Businesses require specialized payment processors supported by CBD friendly banks who can offer custom solutions that provide financial protection and cover all legal and compliance regulations. 
  • It’s crucial that your CBD payment processor partner has robust fraud and chargeback protection measures, transparent fees, and stellar customer support to prevent potential disruptions.

Understanding CBD Payment Processing

The CBD industry keeps growing, yet payment processing is still a challenge. Not only do hemp and CBD products have stringent regulations, but the legal landscape is complex and evolving, and most online CBD businesses have to manage increased risks of fraud and chargebacks.

High-risk industries need payment solutions that cater to their business model. For CBD and cannabis, Allegiance Service is well-versed in the compliance regulations, testing requirements, and documentation needed to ensure you get approved for a CBD merchant account and can process payments without disruption.

Our expertise in high-risk payments and merchant services, paired with our own involvement in servicing and operating cannabis, hemp, and CBD businesses, gives us first-hand experience and understanding. We are equipped to provide you with the highest level of service so you can navigate your options with ease and choose the most compatible solutions that support your business success.

Allegiance Service CBD Merchant Services Highlights


      • Processing solutions built for CBD companies
      • Accept debit and credit card transactions online and in-store
      • Competitive rates and low fees for merchants and customers
      • Banking partnerships that can support and manage the risks involved in the CBD industry
      • Expertise in regulatory compliance pertinent to both CBD and hemp markets
      • Dedicated to providing secure, dependable, and transparent service

By selecting Allegiance Service as your CBD payments partner, you can confidently ensure seamless payment processes, sidestepping any unexpected expenses or operational hiccups associated with payments.

The Essentials of a CBD Merchant Account

At the core of your CBD business is a CBD merchant account. This particular type of account empowers CBD businesses to facilitate transactions using credit and debit cards, among other common payment options. There’s an important caveat: The majority of payment processors shy away from providing CBD merchant accounts because these businesses are in a high-risk category.

High-risk businesses in the hemp and CBD sectors must turn to providers that offer dedicated CBD merchant accounts.

So why are CBD sellers considered high-risk?

Despite the legalization of hemp and CBD at the federal level, the laws surrounding CBD vary by state, creating uncertainty for financial institutions. Additionally, the lack of consistent regulations and the association of CBD with cannabis makes banks and payment processors leary.

The solution to these challenges is choosing a CBD payment processor experienced in providing high-risk merchant services. Allegiance Service is here to serve businesses selling CBD products, with protocols in place to mitigate chargebacks, fraudulent activities, and legal entanglements inherent in this sector considered high risk.


Choosing a Reliable CBD Payment Processor

You will benefit from selecting a CBD payment processor who not only understands the dynamics of selling CBD products but who is there every step of the way during the application and documentation process. Here are some ways to evaluate your CBD Merchant Processing options and choose the best service provider:


    • The processor should specialize in CBD, Hemp industry processing
    • Adept knowledge of CBD Hemp regulations and payment processing solutions
    • Excellent communication and guidance through the documentation and application process
    • Robustness protocols to ensure processing stability without interruptions
    • Clear and straightforward pricing structure, no hidden costs, competitive rates, and low fees

It’s essential for processors to prove adept at handling the unique difficulties faced by the CBD industry, such as diverse product offerings, hemp-derived THC laws, marketing claims, testing regulations, cost structure associated with transactions, and support extended to merchants. Businesses operating in this industry require scalable CBD payment solutions capable of handling changing processing volumes and guaranteeing consistent financial flow and business continuity.

Customized CBD Solutions for High-Risk Businesses

So your business is high-risk, There’s nothing to stress about; you just need to align yourself with a high-risk merchant account provider. That is where Allegiance Service comes in. Our customer support team will address your unique situation and come back with the most competitive rates and solutions.

Discover customized options built for merchants in the retail sector of the CBD industry and for online businesses.  We have payment gateway solutions for your online CBD business as well as your in-store needs. We will help you establish a CBD merchant account so you can start accepting credit and debit card payments, accommodate large volumes of transactions, and even provide solutions for recurring billing models like subscriptions.

Merchant accounts dedicated to CBD businesses are designed to ensure compliance, adeptly handle chargebacks, and offer specialized management of high-risk CBD transactions.

We interact directly with the processor on your behalf to give you the highest level of service and account support to ensure seamless operations in handling payments.

Want to Learn More? You Can Dive Into the Details Below

Compliance and Legal Considerations

The legal environment of the CBD industry is dynamic due to varying state laws and stringent regulations on licensing, product quality, and labeling. Staying on top of regulations and industry changes is key to avoiding disruptions.

Since CBD is sometimes associated with cannabis—a substance that remains classified as a Schedule I controlled drug at a federal level— there is still a lack of support and merchant services from financial institutions due to a lack of clarity from the federal government.

Specialized hemp and CBD merchant accounts and payment processing services are designed to handle the unique requirements specific to the CBD sector.

Because CBD businesses are often linked to cannabis, they need a payment processor that is up to speed on current regulations and changes by state. CBD sellers must show valid COAs, up-to-date lab test results for all the products and have legal disclaimers, privacy policy, and return policy, and age verification technology in place for adult-only sales.

We provide comprehensive guidance and support to help you get everything up to standard, ensuring your store is compliant with state and federal regulations.

Secure Payment Gateway Integration

In the digital realm, security is of utmost importance. It’s essential for CBD businesses to utilize a reliable online payment gateway that can safely handle high-risk transactions and avoid potential complications with e-commerce platforms.

Are you having difficulty finding a payment processor that can integrate with your existing e-commerce platform?

Our customizable CBD payment gateways are designed to work with widely used platforms. Our solutions prioritize security, regulatory standards, affordability, and ease of use for you as the operator and the customer checking out.

Adhering to PCI DSS standards is a non-negotiable requirement for any payment processor handling sensitive credit card details, ensuring that customer information is protected within CBD payment gateway systems. With a secure gateway, cutting-edge API integrations, straightforward billing, and continuous support from our dedicated team, well versed in CBD business industry standards and regulations, you can process payments with confidence and peace of mind.

Evaluating Security Measures

Keep in mind that we’re engaging in operations within a high-risk sector. To ensure utmost security, providers of specialized merchant accounts for CBD transactions utilize state-of-the-art protective measures, including advanced encryption methods, tokenization, and secure payment gateways. These measures are vital for customer payment data security and compliance with CBD laws, and protecting your merchant account by detecting and preventing fraudulent activity.

It’s important to have the right technology in place that can detect fake transactions, which can help reduce the chance of chargebacks. Allegiance Service will make sure you are taking the right steps towards shielding both your business enterprise and clientele.

Assessing Fees and Pricing Models

High-risk merchants typically face elevated transaction and processing fees. As a CBD business owner, you need to work with a CBD payment processor who has clear and transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

This is what makes Allegiance Service #1.

Zero startup fees

Zero statement fees

Zero PCI-compliance fees

Zero Hardware leasing fees

When selecting a CBD payment processor, grasping the three primary pricing models—flat-rate, tiered, and interchange plus—is essential. Opting for month-to-month contracts rather than extended agreements can be more beneficial since it helps steer clear of early termination fees. Make sure you look into these financial details when interviewing processors, as they greatly influence both the profitability and agility of your CBD business.

With Allegiance Service, you get clear pricing frameworks and competitive rates!

In addition to understanding your rates and fees, you may also want to offer modern checkout options like buy now, pay later features. We are happy to provide you with many payment options that allow flexibility and increase customer spending. Ask us about buy now pay later and interest-free installments

Allegiance Service Prioritizes Customer Success

Excellent customer service is essential for resolving issues quickly and avoiding disruptions. With Allegiance Service, you will receive white glove support throughout the entire duration of your processing time. We pride ourselves on service, and our customers stay with us because they can’t find better!

It’s crucial for CBD payment processors to offer reliable support through phone, email, and live chat to quickly address any issues that CBD merchant accounts may encounter. Our support team is trained on the specific regulations applicable to CBD, and we actually value customer satisfaction – the way it should be! We are adept and equipped to provide comprehensive help to the CBD sector.

Diverse Payment Options for CBD Consumers

Providing a range of payment options, such as credit/debit cards and ACH transfers, is essential for CBD businesses aiming to maximize sales and customer convenience. This strategy ensures that all customer preferences are catered to, enhancing the overall purchasing experience while maximizing your revenue.

But it’s not all smooth sailing. CBD merchants face challenges in offering a range of payment options due to a limited number of processors willing to accept payments for hemp and CBD oil products. However, offering multiple payment methods allows CBD merchants to build trust with customers and financial service providers, enhancing their legitimacy and credibility.

Streamlining CBD Sales with the Right POS Systems

Delve into the marvels of modern tech. Point-of-sale (POS) systems elevate the customer retail experience, providing embedded loyalty schemes and SMS marketing via customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. These systems enhance transactional speed with their rapid processing capabilities and simplify handling promotions, markdowns, and sales analytics.

POS solutions tailored for CBD businesses assist in streamlining inventory control, automating restock procedures, and granting access based on user roles to optimize workflow and mitigate product shrinkage. When these POS systems are combined with cloud-based management tools, it empowers CBD merchants to monitor data from afar while bolstering security measures— harmonizing brick-and-mortar operations with e-commerce activities.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in CBD Payment Processing

Despite meticulous planning, navigating the CBD payment processing arena often involves overcoming obstacles such as chargebacks. Services dedicated to managing chargebacks are vital for businesses within the CBD industry. Allegiance Service steps in to assist, providing expert solutions to address the heightened incidence of chargebacks and fraudulent activities, which are crucial factors for maintaining a secure merchant account.

To avoid unseen fees and termination of merchant accounts, a CBD payment processor must:

Be alert for hidden transaction fees.

Watch your chargebacks.

Get support if you suspect any issues.

Regularly review statements for unexpected fee increases.

Understand the higher risk of account termination.

Allegiance Service payment processor solutions partner with multiple banks and keep up to date on current legalities and regulations to prevent unanticipated financial disruptions, prioritizing stability for the CBD merchant account holder.

Allegiance Service: Your Partner in CBD Payment Processing

You don’t have to figure this stuff out alone. Allegiance Service treats customers like partners, delivering expert advice, a full suite of merchant services, and a wide range of specialized solutions that prioritize your success. 

Efficient transaction handling

Competitive costs and low monthly fees

Financial banking solutions

Protective measures against fraud

Strategies for reducing chargebacks

We are equipped to handle a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit card transactions, online payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. With Allegiance Service, you gain more than just a provider. You get a whole team of support to provide security, stability, success, and quick approval and setup times!

Tailored Banking and Fraud Prevention

In the competitive realm of CBD payment processing, Allegiance Service delivers specialized banking solutions and fraud prevention measures. We employ advanced tools to deter fraud and actively work with our clients to settle any conflicts that arise.

For CBD merchants, adopting chargeback management systems is essential in reducing their risk exposure and sustaining good standing relationships with payment processors.

No Long-Term Contracts and Transparent Fees

Allegiance Service was founded on the principles of integrity, service, flexibility, and transparency. We ensure businesses can thrive and adapt to changing needs by avoiding long-term contracts. Talk to us about our pricing and discounts for transaction volume.

We keep everything above board and straightforward, with fees clearly defined, just like we would want it if we were in your shoes. As an added bonus, we have zero charges for applications or set-up and flexible contract terms.

Navigating CBD Payment Solutions

CBD merchants face numerous hurdles when it comes to CBD payment processing, which usually entails rigorous underwriting procedures. Allegiance Service stands ready to assist in simplifying the process and facilitating a smooth start.

As you may already know, payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe, and Shopify do not support CBD merchants due to the complex and changing regulations, as well as the risks associated with these transactions. This is why it is paramount to set up your CBD merchant account through a verified CBD payment provider who knows how to navigate payment processing in this high-risk industry.

Building a Strong Financial Foundation for Your CBD Business

Establishing a secure foundation is essential for the success of your CBD business. This includes:

Routinely check and protect your company’s credit report

Keep all your business documentation information up to date

Watch your chargebacks and fees

Only do business with verified CBD Merchant Service providers

Stay up to date on compliance changes to avoid payment disruptions

Make sure your website has age verification technology and secure payment gateway

Avoid payment aggregators that are not straightforward on pricing

Use reporting tools and inventory software to streamline operations

Adopting these measures will benefit your financial reputation.

Improving your credit line and maintaining consistent payments boosts your financial reliability. This will boost trust and support your application and approval process for financial services.

Using tools for reporting and analytics helps understand customer behaviors and preferences, which are important for increasing sales. Affiliate marketing can also boost sales by rewarding those who refer customers.

Innovations in CBD Payment Processing

Payment processing for CBD merchants is poised for an exciting future. Utilizing open banking solutions from payment processors, businesses in the CBD sector stand to gain immensely with enhancements such as accelerated transaction times, superior financial management capabilities, and bolstered customer interaction. These payment systems must have the flexibility to quickly adapt to changes in both regulations and market dynamics to maintain a competitive edge while remaining compliant.

As CBD payment methods evolve, integrating state-of-the-art technology like mobile payments and contactless options will keep these businesses at pace with current consumer behaviors and expectations. Allegiance Service is leading the way, delivering payment processing solutions that simplify financial management by providing clear and immediate insights into transaction details, fee structures, and fund availability.

Leading Payment Solutions for Thriving CBD Businesses!


Building a reputable, trustworthy CBD business is critical to your success in this industry. As more and more companies enter this market, it’s crucial that you avoid making any claims about your products and keep your website free of medical language or statements. To legally sell CBD online or in a store, the CBD products must be lab tested to confirm purity, present clear labeling, and accurate dosage that outlines both CBD and THC content. Your brand or business needs to establish transparency to ensure compliance with regulations, consumer safety and retaining customers.

For businesses operating in the hemp and CBD space, financial transparency is key to establishing a CBD merchant account for processing payments and maintaining good standing with your credit card processor.

Maintaining a low chargeback ratio brings several advantages, including an enhanced reputation with banks and payment processors, which can lead to better rate negotiations. It also builds a track record of protecting customer transaction data and strengthens your status as a dependable partner.

Commitment to product excellence is demonstrated through regular provision of current lab results, which confirm the absence of toxins while adhering to regulatory standards of less than 0.3% THC in your products compliant with Farm Bill regulations.

Building a trustworthy brand with consumers also means leveraging social validation. Showcase favorable reviews and endorsements, engage in educational initiatives about the product benefits rooted in science—not claims—and highlight recognitions received from authoritative bodies to enhance brand dependability. Show up-to-date information about CBD legal status by state and your shipping and return policy.

Ultimately, these practices contribute not only to cultivating enduring loyalty among customers but also solidifying relationships with payment processing companies, which are pivotal to growing your CBD business—in short, ensuring operations run smoothly and your CBD sales grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still searching for answers? Give us a call.

How do I accept payments for CBD? 

For the purpose of processing digital transactions such as credit card, debit card, and ACH payments for CBD products, securing a specialized high-risk merchant account designed for CBD payment processing is essential. It’s crucial to integrate an appropriate payment gateway that caters specifically to businesses dealing in CBD sales.

What are the challenges of CBD payment processing?

CBD payment processing poses challenges due to changing regulations, potential legal issues, and heightened concerns around fraud and chargebacks. A CBD company needs a CBD merchant services provider who knows how to navigate these high-risk factors and protect the CBD sellers revenue channels.

What is a CBD Merchant Account?

A merchant account for CBD products allows the acceptance of debit, credit card payments, and online transactions.

Why is a CBD merchant account essential? 

Having a CBD merchant account is essential because it allows your CBD business to accept credit cards and other popular payment methods, managing risks like chargebacks and legal concerns. It helps streamline your sales and protect your business.

How to select a reliable CBD payment processor?

When selecting a trustworthy payment processor for selling CBD products, seek one that is well-versed in CBD regulatory compliance, offers robust security protocols, and maintains clear pricing policies. Opting for such a payment processor will cater to your requirements effectively and guarantee seamless financial operations.

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Navigating the intricate web of legal and regulatory requirements in the CBD industry requires a knowledgeable payment provider such as Allegiance Service. Understanding the nuances of CBD merchant processing is crucial for success.

By prioritizing financial security, adopting cutting-edge technologies, selling transparent quality CBD products, and following compliance laws, your business is well-equipped to flourish within this dynamic high-risk sector.

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