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Credit Cards

Through Allegiance, you finally have a safe, secure, legal, and PCI-compliant way of processing ALL major credit cards… just like everywhere else. No apps to download, text messaging to go through, or funds to transfer.

Not only does it serve your customers… it also serves your bottom line! The 2,500+ dispensaries already using this program saw an increase of sales of 35-40%. We’re so confident you’ll experience a 20% increase or more, that if you don’t we’ll buy back the terminals so it costs you nothing!

A money-back guarantee to make money!
And we’re here to make it happen.


In making it possible to process credit cards as a way to grow your business and increase sales… you can also make money by saving money on all of your PIN-debit processing!

Rates start at 2.95% + $0.50.
We guarantee the lowest rates.

It’s an easy add-on as part of the application approval process, as well as a simple and easy way to increase revenue.

Another win-win-win.

Reach out to one of us below and start the process today.
So you can start making (and saving) more money tomorrow.

Accounting ServiceS

For all cannabis consulting & financial services, Allegiance is here!
Are you equipped to navigate cannabis-specific tax laws?
Accounting is essential to any profitable business but it’s also a bit nuanced in the cannabis industry.
Did You Know?
Section 280E is a federal statute mandated by the IRS that prohibits businesses from deducting business expenses related to gross income gained from the selling of certain scheduled substances — including cannabis!
You need a cannabis-savvy accountant who can:
• Identify and meet all necessary cannabis-specific tax laws and requirements such as 280E and 471c
• Save your business time and money on bookkeeping
• Integrate with your POS to send automated reports and invoices
• Add a layer of security to your business by quickly catching and resolving errors
Amanda Spicer

Marketing Services

Digital Marketing, Events, Brand Support and More!


We’re real people, here to guide you through the application process.
Submitted applications can be approved within 24-hours.
We also provide overnight shipping on the terminals.

Reach out to one of us below and start the process today.

Roban Bengtson

I’ve long been drawn by the ways cannabis impacts consciousness and appreciate this opportunity to serve this powerful plant as it serves the human experience.

I’ve also been a creative entrepreneur most of my life and bring my artistic precision and eye-for-detail to support you through the application and approval process.

Reach out below to begin the journey.

Erin MacKenzie

With over 10 years of FINtech / payments experience, Erin is passionate about helping businesses maximize their profitability by accepting credit cards.

Originally from Maine, now living in Atlanta, Erin loves bourbon and playing strategy games.

Contact me here, I’d love to help!



I’ve been in the cannabis space since 2018 from commercial farming, dispensaries, cultivation, legislation, and networking to now guiding dispensary owners to proactively benefit from reliable and secure payment processing systems.

Let’s talk about how we can upgrade your business!


Before landing on the West Coast Brant grew up on the East Coast where his family ran a non-profit for 25+ years.

After college he joined a recruiting firm and played an integral role with the management team to expand the company’s footprint, which has led to 20 years of organizational development through talent, acquisitions/mergers, and technology.

Amanda Spicer

Amanda Spicer

After graduating from UNLV, I started my career in corporate finance at and was quickly elevated to Senior Accountant for Vegas Magazine. I started taking on my own clients after choosing to leave the exhausting world of casino accounting, and enjoy being involved with colorful and insightful entrepreneurs in the Cannabis Industry. Accounting for Cannabis is Amanda’s specialty. 


Anthony Narváez

Working more than 15 years in software engineering and support for small to medium scale businesses, Anthony is highly skilled in solutions research, training, and crisis prevention.

He is eager to assist development stage industries navigate obstructions to long term growth and prosperity.

He is also passionate about the responsible use of psychedelic substances and plant medicines, with personal experience in many traditional and modern healing practices.

London Kelley

Plant medicines have had a profound impact on my life. It’s an honor to connect with brilliant minds over this herb and help it become more easily accessible. 

Allegiance Service has so many gifts to give entrepreneurs in the cannabis space. If you are looking for help or just seeking information about banking, payment solutions, rates, and integrations, I can help get your questions answered!


Hi Humans,

I administrate support services for the staff. This does not include getting them coffee or snacks, however I wish I could. I have not seen such a hard working group of people! I love supporting them and I love supporting Cannabis! If you want to talk about your payment problems and rant about the dog poo you have to deal with around taking money for cannabis, I will listen. It’s a wild world out there.

Good thing I got great connections to share with you.

Send me a message and I will hook you up.

Gabriel Russo

Have questions about processing options, compliance, banking, and current rates?

We have guided hundreds of cannabis entrepreneurs through the mud of complexities to clarity with compliant affordable solutions. It’s an amazing win-win to help dispensaries significantly boost their revenue.

Let’s talk about your needs.

Meet The founders

With over 75 years of business experience, the founders of Allegiance Service took their love of Plant Medicine and joined their resources to help the Cannabis and CBD Industry discover solutions, more revenue while providing more business and consumer safety. 

Sean Kelley

Over 20 years experience championing cannabis into the mainstream with organizations like NORML and Cannabis publications worldwide. He continues to bring growth and sustainability to the industry through Allegiance, offering dispensaries more revenue and their consumers a normailized check out experience. Sean is a Marine Corps veteran. He has experienced and witnessed the healing power of Cannabis with his fellow veterans.


Chad Mac

With over 12 years in high risk payments, Chad brings a wealth of knowledge to the Cannabis payments industry. As Co-founder of Allegiance, Chad is honored to work with some of the industries largest multi state and single state retail operators.
His 20+ years of cannabis advocacy inspires him to assist in healing the retail sector’s banking and payments for the sale of this wonderful plant medicine.  

Zaven Tootikian

Over 20 years of experience in the payment processing industry mostly as a registered ISO for processors. Successfully built and sold several merchant portfolios over the years. Thorough knowledge accrued over the last decade specific to the cannabis industry.
Zaven brings his experience together in getting you up to speed on what’s possible in the payment realm as a way to support and grow your business. 


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