Self-Service Kiosks for Dispensaries

All-in-one shop, order, and pay. Modern solutions for cannabis dispensaries and retail.

Increase Revenue and Average Ticket

Fully Integrated Card Payment Processing

Reduce Labor Costs and Streamline Operations

Customers Save Time and Skip Lines

Self-service kiosks for dispensaries

Automate Your Business

Running a dispensary business has unique hurdles and processes, yet there is a huge opportunity for dispensaries to improve both the top and bottom lines by offering modern solutions to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction. Self-service kiosks are a powerful modern way retailers and cannabis dispensaries can optimize their business operations.

Self-service kiosks for dispensaries

What is a Self-Service Kiosk?

Self-service kiosks offer a modernized shopping experience that redefines the way customers interact with businesses. Self-serve kiosks are an all-in-one compact freestanding interactive ordering system that allows customers to shop, view your menu, look up products, access information, find what they need quickly, and pay for their order or products without directly interacting with a person.
Kiosks provide a user-friendly interface and a convenient way for customers to explore the menu, shop, access their account and previous shopping history, use their loyalty points, and transact in an automated way.

Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks

Dispensaries, retailers, services, and restaurant businesses can benefit in numerous ways by offering self service technology for their ordering process and visitor check in.

Save Time by Skipping Lines & Waiting times

Kiosks offer a convenient and efficient way for customers to shop and transact for an enhanced overall shopping experience. One of the primary advantages of kiosks is their ability to save customers time by bypassing long lines and wait times, particularly during peak business hours or in understaffed stores.
Offering self-service kiosks gives your customers a quick way to browse products, easily access product information, compare options, select items, and complete transactions without the need for assistance from store staff. Some customers prefer using the self ordering kiosk as it allows them privacy and anonymity, so they can compare products and take their time exploring new products without feeling judged or rushed.

Integrated Card Payment Processing

Samsung’s self serve kiosk feature an integrated terminal that allows customers to seamlessly pay with their debit or credit card for normalized convenient transactions. Our close-looped payment processing system is optimal for dispensary businesses.
Self-checkout kiosks enable the customer to perform their checkout independently without having to go through third-party systems like ATMs, eliminating the burden of ATM fees for customers. This streamlined card payment option significantly improves revenue for dispensaries as customers don’t feel limited by the cash in their hands and are more likely to spend 30% more when they use a card compared to paying with cash. No hassle, no hoops to jump through. Customers can simply scan their ID and checkout seamlessly with their card, with no apps to download, ATMs, or intervention in the checkout process.

Increase Profits and Average Ticket Size

Self-service kiosks offer upsell opportunities and incentives to present customers with special savings relevant to their product interests or suggest add-ons. A study carried out by McDonald’s found that customers are more likely to accept an upsell presented through the kiosk ordering process compared to an in-person order.
Presenting customers with product upsell incentives throughout their shopping experience is a big advantage of self-ordering technology. Employees can forget to mention upsell offers and miss out on giving customers that extra service touch when things get busy, causing your business to lose easy profits.
Kiosks can also be programmed with your customer loyalty program, encouraging membership sign-up opportunities and offering personalized discounts and bonus points to increase sales and customer loyalty.

Space Management

Self-service kiosks are compact and take up little space in comparison to traditional countertop POS systems at the checkout counter. They include a built-in terminal, printer, and Wi-Fi system, eliminating the need for extra, clunky hardware.
The Samsung kiosk can be mounted to a wall, free-standing pedestal, or placed on a countertop, giving retailers the flexibility to install it in the ideal spot for their specific needs.
Store design and environment are a signature part of brand aesthetics, and this compact, sleek design offers a less crowded store environment and frees up more room for additional kiosks, display cabinets, shelves, signage, etc.

Improve the Customer Experience

In today’s world, consumers want convenience and quick service. Offering self-service options enhances the customer experience, offering a contactless way to shop, browse, and pay while reducing wait times.
Customers can explore the menu at their own pace and benefit from quick search features for efficiency. Integrated customer loyalty programs also provide upsell opportunities and encourage more customers to enroll for additional savings. Kiosks come with built-in terminals offering debit and credit card payment options, gift cards, and streamlined contactless payment. This is a win-win solution for dispensaries and customers, eliminating the need for third-party ATMs and payment systems that require extra steps.

Improve Overhead and Staffing Challenges

Kiosks offer a low-cost way for retailers to streamline operations while improving both the top and bottom lines at the same time. Automating transactions and service functionalities reduces labor expenses, with fewer employees required for routine tasks and traditional points of service.
With self-order and self-checkout, customers can pay for their order with their debit or credit card and shop at their own pace. Businesses can drive more revenue with upsells and product add ons while reducing labor costs.

User Behavior Insights

Kiosks provide valuable insights into your customer behavior and preferences, enabling you to offer a more personalized experience. You can accurately track engagement, navigation usage, loyalty or rewards program sign ups, successful product upsells, average order values and more.
Kiosks add a modern touch to your business and provide customers the option to purchase with a debit or credit card and take advantage of decreased wait times, which translate to an improved customer experience.

Self-Service Technology Features

Samsung’s self-serve kiosk is a compact design with a 24″ high-definition display touch screen, built-in printer, and Wi-Fi system. It includes both hardware and software components, eliminating excessive clunky hardware and making it possible for customers to browse items, place orders, and pay independently.

The compact and sleek kiosk can be free-standing, mounted on a wall, or on top of a counter. The Samsung Kiosk comes in a neutral grey-white tone that fits in with any existing aesthetic. Complete with a shatter-resistant film, antimicrobial coating, and crystal-clear picture quality.

Samsung Self-Serve Kiosk Facts

  • 24″ high-definition display
  • 250 cd brightness
  • 178- viewing angle
  • Touch screen
  • Built-in Wifi System
  • Remote management technology
  • Integrated Terminal & Printer
  • POS Integrations
  • Shatter resistant film
  • Easy set up and installation
The Samsung Kiosk Kiosk Software works seamlessly for a variety of retailers and restaurants, integrates seamlessly with many common POS systems, and has fully integrated payment processing and terminal hardware.

Samsung’s proprietary remote management system, MagicINFO, gives retailers the ability to manage their devices, access display information, check the status of peripheral devices, and diagnose issues from any web-enabled device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Self-Serve Kiosk Work?

A self-serve kiosk is a modernized hardware solution that allows customers to shop and pay for their products without having to interact with store employees. Customers can search a product, view the menu, make selections, and check out through one touchscreen interface.

Behind the scenes, the kiosk communicates with relevant databases or systems to process transactions, update inventory, and notify staff when to fulfill orders. Once the customer completes the desired actions, the kiosk typically provides confirmation of the transaction and prints or sends a receipt or ticket. The customer may then proceed to pick up their order at a service counter.

How Does Payment Processing Work In Self-Serve Kiosks?

Allegiance Service provides payment processing solutions that are compatible with Samsung Kiosk to accommodate a wide range of retail and cannabis dispensary merchants. Contact us to ask about Self-Service Kiosks and payment processing options for your business.

What Kind of Businesses Qualify for Self-Service Kiosks?

Retailers, restaurants, cannabis dispensaries, and product or service industries can greatly benefit from self service kiosks. Contact us to see if your business qualifies for a free Kiosk.

Where Can I Order Self-Service Kiosks?

Allegiance Service provides kiosks and integrated payment processing solutions for various retailers and cannabis dispensaries. Contact us for self-serve kiosk sales information and apply today.

What Kind of Payments Does a Self-Serve Kiosk Accept?

Samsung self-serve kiosk comes with fully integrated payment solutions and integrates with many POS systems to accommodate various dispensary and retail needs. Kiosks can accept cards for a complete checkout solution or process orders with a pay-at-the-counter prompt for cash-paying customers.

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