Allegiance credit card payment services boost average sales transactions upwards to 35%+


Accept Credit Card Payments for Delivery and Retail Dispensaries. 

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Credit Card

PIN Debit Payment Solutions for Cannabis.


Credit Card Terminal for Dispensaries

Credit Card Benefits

Accept ALL Credit Card Types

30 to 50% Increase in Spending​

PCI Compliant

Pass Fees to Customers – Free Solution

Tip Line for Budtenders

Chargeback Protection

No App or Text Messages Required

Buyer experience is the same as any regular retail store.

Domestic Banks Only!

Reduce Cash Transactions

True PIN Debit / ACH

True PIN Debit Processing with next day funding

Accurate Real Time Online Reporting

Safer for Delivery Drivers!

Charge the exact dollar amount. No rounding up to nearest $10.

Attract & Retain Customers

Beat out the competition

EMV Ready. Accept Chip Cards

No Foreign ATM Fees to your customers

Payment Diversity

Credit Card Processing​​

True PIN Debit Processing

ATM Processing

Bank Accounts

ACH Processing

Lending Services


Financial Protection

Legal and Protected
Our Debit and Credit Cards networks are owned by private organizations not controlled by the federal government. 

Our solution is PCI compliant per all the card brands rules and regulations.


Maximize Your Customer Experience with Bigger Transactions.

Credits Cards

Accept more than cash and debit cards while keeping your ATM machine in its place. Finally with our Allegiance, you have a safer and secure way of selling Cannabis utilizing all major credit card companies. Our unique, PCI compliant, and legal credit card solution allows Cannabis dispensaries to at last process payments!

Increase Transaction Amounts

Recession proof your business in 2023! Historically in down economies, credit card purchases have been found to increase spending upwards to 35% + on average ticket sales.

PCI Compliant

Our banks are all based in the U.S.A. and FDIC insured. No crypto currency or offshore banking is involved. All money transacted in the United States, stays in the United States. Your money and your customer is protected. 

Experience Simplicity

Using our credit card terminals ensures the customer experience remains seamless just like eating out at their favorite restaurant, they can even leave a tip!

Delivery service businesses and retail curbside pick-up orders are able to transact with ease using the wireless 4G remote terminals.

Achieve Increased Revenue

$100,000 $35,000 $420,000
$200,000 $70,000 $840,000
$500,000 $175,000 $2,100,000
$1,000,000 $350,000 $4,200,000
$2,000,000 $700,000 $8,400,000

Since 2022


Transactions per Month

Average Processed Per Month

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