Isn't it illegal for cannabis businesses to accept credit cards?

What’s not possible is for a cannabis business to be the Merchant of Record with any of the credit card companies. This is why there’s been so many different “solutions” as a way to get around this, resulting in an array of ‘hoops’ the customer has to jump through, from clicking on links, to uploading images, to downloading texts, to all sorts of things most cusomters simply don’t want to do.

What they do want to do is simply put their card in a terminal like they can at every other retail store.

The reason our solution is different from all the others is because it’s the only one offering a normal terminal buying experience for the customer.

How’s it possible? The processor is the Merchant of Record. Which is what changes everything. It’s the same closed-loop system Amazon uses where as the Merchant of Record they process the payments for all their Amazon Sellers. Here the processor simply does the same thing by processing all the payments for the dispensaries.

The result is 100% legal and compliant. It’s also why 2,500+ dispensaries are already using it around the country… and why there hasn’t been a single disruption or shutdown in the 4+ years since the solution launched. Not once. Ever.

It’s simple, legal, compliant, stable, proven, and reliable.

So if you’d like to start increasing ticket sales by liberating yourself and your business when it comes to accepting credit cards like a normal retailers… reach out to learn how it would look / work specifically for you.

How proven / reliable is this?

Since the solution launched 4+ years ago there hasn’t been ANY interuptions or shutdowns.

There are also 2,500+ dispensaries (delivery services, lounges) already accepting credit cards across the county without any problems, with an estimated 4M+ transactions and $350M+ being processed monthly.

This solution isn’t new and it isn’t small. It is the biggest, most reliable, most proven solution out there, and the only one providing a normal terminal buying experience for your customers.

Is it secure?

All funds are backed by US dollars in a 1:1 ratio that are held in FDIC-insured accounts. All the banks are domestic. The funds from credit card sales get routed to these domestic accounts, which in turn can be direct-deposited into your business bank account.

The solution also uses blockchain technology for its inherent security, compliance, and record-keeping capabilities. Modern, transparent, legal, and compliant.

It is legal and compliant?

Yes and yes. 

It’s 100% legal because the processor is the Merchant Record using the same closed-loop approach Amazon uses.

In terms of compliance, we apply a higher standard of compliance during the on-boarding process than even required by either the Bank Secrecy Act or state regulations.

Our compliance policies also maintain integrity by licensed third-party security and investigations partners.

If it's possible, why isn't everyone doing it already?

More and more dispensaries are getting on board all the time as the word spreads through independent service operators like us connecting with people like you.

We’re also still at the beginning of people hearing and learning about it. After how it’s been, though, most are so jaded and skeptical that they don’t think a solution is possible. 

For those that do take the time to learn, though — like the 2,500+ businesses already on board — they enjoy the 35%+ bump in ticket sales that happen when customers are able to use their credit cards.

How much does it cost?


Ultimately, your cost-per-transaction will be up to you. Your volume and average transaction dictate your exact rate. From here, you’re able to decide whatever level of convenience fee you desire to help offset the processing fees by passing them to the customer.

An important note to keep in mind, too, is that your average ticket is going to go up. The 2,500+ dispensaries collectively saw their average ticket sale go up over 35%, with many over 50%, and some as high as 75%! Which is to say that even if it did end up costing you something even after the convenience fee, it would be dwarfed by the lift in sales.


Our rates for PIN-debit start at 2.95% + $0.50. Here you can also pass processing fees to customers through a convenience fee you decide.


What if I don't have a bank account?

Let us know. As one is required for card processing, we have some great contacts / banking options specific to the cannabis industry that we can introduce you to.

Is this compatible with my POS system?

This is compatable with all POS systems.

Intergration is also possible, to varying complexity depending on the specific POS.

Does it require a long contract?


No long contracts.
Nor any reserves or application fees.

You can leave any time you like. And we’re committed to maximizing your card processsing so you make the most money as possible! So hopefully you won’t be going anywhere soon. ; )

Who is Allegiance?

We’re your ally and portal into the program. We get you the best rates. We pre-approve your application. We get you all set-up with everything in place so everything goes as smoothly as possible. And if you do have any problems, we’re the ones you turn to first for help.

We’re also just real people like you who want cannabis businesses to thrive. We get managers and owners in the know. We liberated dispensaries when it comes to card processing. We help you make the most money as possible.

We also really understand the cannabis business, appreciate how insane and confusing it’s been, and are truly joyed to provide solutions that help you succeed.

What's a next step?

Simply reach out to start a conversation with us. Which doesn’t mean some scripted demo or powerpoint or anything like that. Just a conversation with some real people to see how it would look / work specifically for you and your business. Once we get a sense of where you currently are we can share the best solution for you.

Whether you’re a single, family-owned dispensary or a brand spanning multiple states… you make more money when you accept credit cards and we’re here to help you do it.

Reach out to any of us on the Services page, or call us at (800) 301-5538.

Other questions?
Reach out to learn more!