What Industries Does Allegiance Service Provide Solutions For?

Allegiance Service provides Merchant Services and High-Risk Payment Processing Solutions for cannabis, hemp, CBD, Kratom, Nutraceuticals, Peptides, Alternative Products, and Online Casino and Gaming. 

What Payment Processing Solutions Does Allegiance Service Offer?
  • Credit & Debit
  • E-Commerce
  • ATM & Cashless ATM
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Gift & Loyalty Rewards
  • Self Service Kiosks
  • Vending machines
  • Contactless Payment
  • Banking & Lending
  • Virtual terminal
What is the Application Process Like?

We have an amazing support team to assist you through the entire process of getting your business documentation together for underwriting. You will submit your documentation to our secure documentation portal. At any time you can put in a request for other merchant service solutions.

What if A Cannabis Payment Processing Solution Goes Down?

For cannabis businesses, redundancy is crucial as we have seen many changes and shifting policies from card brands. In the case that a payment processing solution is to go down, we can notify you and get you switched over to a secure solution.

Can You Help Me Set Up a Merchant Account?

In order for your business to accept credit and debit payments you need to have a merchant account. Allegiance Service can connect you with compliant banking solutions for your industry related merchant needs and assist you in getting your Merchant Account approved.

Why Is My Business Labeled High Risk?

In industries labeled as high risk, it implies that the product or service doesn’t align with the credit policy of the sponsoring bank, which typically caters to conventional or tier one banks specializing in retail card-present transactions. Any business falling outside this scope or selling products that are federally illegal (like cannabis) or are highly regulated is categorized as high risk. These businesses must select a bank that permits their products or services in their credit policy.

Why Is Cannabis High Risk

Cannabis is a Schedule I-controlled substance at the federal level, and each state has its own regulations around the cultivation and sale of cannabis. Traditional banks are not yet equipped to handle the federal and state regulations surrounding cannabis, and credit card companies have an agreement with the federal government to not process for federally illegal substance even in places where it is legal at the state level.

Can New Businesses Set up a Merchant Account?

Yes. If you are a brand new business with no processing history we can help you get approved for a merchant account and get you set up with payment processing.

Do You Have Online CBD Processing Solutions?

Yes, we have CBD friendly merchant service solutions and can help you get approved quickly and easily, with the most competitive rates. We are well versed in CBD compliance and can help you get your documentation together and get all your questions answered. 

Why Can’t Cannabis Businesses Use Traditional Processors?

Traditional payment processors do not provide processing services for high risk industries. Because cannabis is federally illegal and high risk many financial institutions do not provide services to this industry. Allegiance Service specializes in cannabis friendly merchant services and payment processing options.

What are Compliant Cannabis Payment Processing Options?

Cannabis dispensaries can give their customers lots of ways to pay including:

  • Cash
  • Cashless atm
  • PIN debit cards
  • Credit card payments
  • Online payments
  • Mobile payments
  • ACH payments
  • Gift cards

There are some work around methods dispensaries have used to accept credit cards through E-wallets, gift cards, and other mobile payment methods. Ask us about compliant solutions for accepting credit. 

Does Allegiance Service Have Payment Processing Solutions for Delivery Services?

Yes, we offer a range of wireless payment processing solutions for cannabis delivery services.

Can I Use The Terminals I Already Have?

In some cases we can get you up and running with payment processing and repurpose terminals if you already own. Ask us about repurposing your existing terminals.

What Are Your Pin Debit Rates?

Debit and PIN debit rates vary between industries and depend upon processing volume. We provide the most competitive PIN debit rates. Give us a call today to discover your effective rate and get a quote.

What are Your Service Fees?

Allegiance Service does not charge a service fee. We strive to provide you with the most competitive rates for High Risk processing. Your payment processing fees depend on the solution and processing volume. Ask us for a quote and we will provide you with a fee workbook that lays out the bank and processor fees.

How Do You Handle Chargebacks?

We help protect your merchant account with chargeback protection protocols and fraud prevention tools to ensure your status and reputation with the processors and banks is secure. 

Other questions?
Reach out to learn more!