Real people… with a timely opportunity

Allegiance Service is what happened when two good-hearted souls with over 20 years of collective experience between then in the on-line payment world (with 150M+ in collective transactions) come together to make available this simple, easy, innovative processing solution as a way to support the cannabis industry.

We’re a small, independently-owned service operator for the billion dollar processor that makes this all possible. We appreciate cannabis and we want quality cannabis businesses to thrive and grow.

As part of the venture, we have the blessing to be partnered with a processing liaison expert who alone has been in the payment realm for 23 years, knows this stuff backwards and forwards (specifically to cannabis) and is able to assess any cannabis business, wherever it’s at, and get them up to speed in the card payment realm.

We’re here to make the process as easy and seamless as possible.
A personal touch to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.


Sean Kelley

Over 20 years experience championing cannabis into the mainstream with organizations like NORML and Cannabis publications worldwide. He continues to bring growth and sustainability to the industry through Allegiance, offering dispensaries more revenue and their consumers a normailized check out experience. Sean is a Marine Corps veteran. He has experienced and witnessed the healing power of Cannabis with his fellow veterans.


Chad Mac

With over 12 years in high risk payments, Chad brings a wealth of knowledge to the Cannabis payments industry. As Co-founder of Allegiance, Chad is honored to work with some of the industries largest multi state and single state retail operators.
His 20+ years of cannabis advocacy inspires him to assist in healing the retail sector’s banking and payments for the sale of this wonderful plant medicine.  

Zaven Tootikian

Over 20 years of experience in the payment processing industry mostly as a registered ISO for processors. Successfully built and sold several merchant portfolios over the years. Thorough knowledge accrued over the last decade specific to the cannabis industry.
Zaven brings his experience together in getting you up to speed on what’s possible in the payment realm as a way to support and grow your business. 




We actually care about you and your success. We believe that taking care of you and doing what’s in your best interest helps us succeed. Our care is authentic—not only because of who we are, but also because it’s smart business.


We like being light and easy. We are down-to-earth and genuine with a professional attitude.


Who likes their time being wasted? Nobody — especially when there is work to do and dreams to create. We like the winning combo of being both candid and considerate.


Transparency is a cornerstone of trust. You want to trust that you’re getting the full truth: no half-truths or partial truths or worse yet, lies. You want to trust that we’ll do what we say we’ll do. Integrity is a cornerstone of how we operate. Our word matters to us — when we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it. We are consultants and our main goal is to help you make decisions that are best for your business and your bottom line.


Who likes spending 10-15 minutes punching numbers on your phone to get to a live person? What a drag! We know how to answer our phone and solve your problems so you get back to processing credit and PIN-debit cards.


Our team values taking action and being solution-oriented. We take the steps necessary to fulfill that which is required.


We exist to be resourceful. We leverage our extensive experience and network to resolve any challenges that may be facing you. We bring you our resources to maximize your bottom line.



Our team values being present for each other and listening first to understand before being understood.


Our team values honor and dignity. We value the dignity of our colleagues and seek to honor the words and needs spoken as we work together. We believe in asking questions instead of making assumptions.


Our team values our personal and professional relationships and understands that our interdependence makes us stronger and more effective.

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